Characteristics of character..

4 10 2012

Let me start out by saying, that I certainly don’t have all the answers. I am a normal, everyday guy, trying to provide for my family, remain happy in my marriage and bring up my 3 sons to be mean of character.

I have learn’t some lessons in life, and am throwing them out there to hopefully smooth the way for others.

All of the reading material, opinions etc etc out there, can be really confusing, so this blog is a simple me to you, cutting out all the jargon trying to help.

So.. to be a good husband, father, mother etc etc it all starts with CHARACTER, and I am going to unpack a few characteristics of character over the next few weeks. Here goes…(I have grouped similar ones)

  • Honesty (truthfulness)
  • integrity and loyalty
  • reliability, discipline, commitment and enthusiasm
  • courage (of one’s convictions), responsibility and accountability for one’s actions
  • tolerance, respect and compassion for others beliefs, ideas, race, ethnicity etc.
  • endurance (stamina to go the distance and not give up) & perseverance
  • generosity (not just financial, but with your time, talents etc)
  • Humility
  • forgiveness
  • Self sacrifice.

It will always be a work in progress, and that’s the key word, as long as we are progressing, we should do OK.

Impart these to your kids, and do not waver or be double minded.. and they will fly


Husbands & Wives.. naturally differently wired

1 10 2012

We were invited to a birthday sleepover down in the valley next to the Umgeni River with Ethan, my 9 year old and a group of his mates. One other father joined us.

It struck me how differently husbands and wives operate. About an hour before we left in the morning, the two men frantically started taking photos to have a record of the party. Imagine the wives/moms had been there, the cameras would have started rolling the minute we arrived the day before.

It’s cool either way, same result, different method..we need to accept that, as it’s a battle we simply cannot win.

I have a philosophy about letting the majors be majors and the minors be minors..get this right and a whole heap of trouble and strife will be avoided. SO, if the moms had come down to sleep, and had asked the men to take photos from the outset, respect it and go with it..

Is it really worth it to have the battle?? I doubt it..

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