2 06 2013

Welcome to my world. 8.30am, watched Daniel, Maritzurg College first half hockey. 9:10 am, watched Ethan first half rugby at Laddsworth, 9:40am, watched Noah run mini comrades at Hilton Pre-Primary. No time to cop out now. Think very carefully what you are prepared to sacrifice so that your kids can feel loved, supported and nurtured. You can’t blame anyone else if it goes pear-shaped.WP_000361 WP_000360 NWP_130601_0003


Sign’s we are getting it right?

15 10 2012
  • My wife is ill with a kidney infection, so on the way back from cricket nets Daniel says he will cook dinner..goes to Spar, buys ingredients and does his thing. My young gentlemen.. And it was really nice.
  • Chatting with Daniel about his grade 7  farewell, he knows which girl he wants to invite, and she has already turned down a few boys (they have a bit of a thing going so I think she is waiting for him). They BBM all the time and I suggest he ask her quickly before she loses patience and goes with someone else.. “No dad, I need to ask her face to face, so it means something” Wow, kids can still talk to one another..

Comms with young kids..

8 10 2012

Wow, it’s got to be daunting for a 5 year old to be spoken to by and adult.. Always looking up at this very big person..

I have found that I get more “traction” as it were, when I go down on my knees to their level to chat. It’s a lot more comfortable for them and they become a lot more receptive (almost certainly because they feel a lot less threatened or dominated).

Try it sometime, it also show them that you respect them.


Characteristics of character..

4 10 2012

Let me start out by saying, that I certainly don’t have all the answers. I am a normal, everyday guy, trying to provide for my family, remain happy in my marriage and bring up my 3 sons to be mean of character.

I have learn’t some lessons in life, and am throwing them out there to hopefully smooth the way for others.

All of the reading material, opinions etc etc out there, can be really confusing, so this blog is a simple me to you, cutting out all the jargon trying to help.

So.. to be a good husband, father, mother etc etc it all starts with CHARACTER, and I am going to unpack a few characteristics of character over the next few weeks. Here goes…(I have grouped similar ones)

  • Honesty (truthfulness)
  • integrity and loyalty
  • reliability, discipline, commitment and enthusiasm
  • courage (of one’s convictions), responsibility and accountability for one’s actions
  • tolerance, respect and compassion for others beliefs, ideas, race, ethnicity etc.
  • endurance (stamina to go the distance and not give up) & perseverance
  • generosity (not just financial, but with your time, talents etc)
  • Humility
  • forgiveness
  • Self sacrifice.

It will always be a work in progress, and that’s the key word, as long as we are progressing, we should do OK.

Impart these to your kids, and do not waver or be double minded.. and they will fly

Get those kids active..

3 10 2012

What a beautiful day in the KZN Midlands, up early, no TV, computers or consoles of any sort. Fishing, sports, swimming.. Get the kids outdoors. It will affect schoolwork as well.

Have a look at this link:

Character- stick to your word

26 09 2012

Hi again, Yesterday my 13 year old (just) Daniel, was playing truth, dare or command with a friend who is a girl from church via BBM. He chose command, and she latched on quickly and commanded him to take a bunch of flowers to their teacher the next day. Now Daniel is a strong but gentle spirit and plays A team everything in his small school, so he immediately starts to doubt his choice.

“What must I do Dad?” he comes and asks.Well my boy, you made a choice of your own free will, knowing that  you might not like the outcome, even though your friend has come back and told you that you don’t have to do it, I would suggest that you honour the request.

“But my friends will laugh at me”, he says. Well my boy, you go up to your teacher and say that there were so many lovely flowers in the garden, that you couldn’t bear to see them go to waste, so you decided to bring her a bunch.

I then reminded him that he was the only boy in the whole of Grade 7, who, on his own initiative, took all the girls in his class a flower on valentines, so that none of them would feel left out.

At the end of the day, I really wouldn’t mind being given a few gears for sticking to my word.. he agreed, did the deed and all went well.

The lesson, which we discussed later? Think carefully before you commit, as you will have to follow through..

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