Slow down

10 01 2014

Don’t let life rush by, there is always music, stop and dance to it,

Makes you think

14 10 2013

So have a hard look around, are you setting your kids up for success?

You have got to be there

14 10 2013

I just did a 2 week stint away on business. Left my wife and 3 sons at home. NEVER again, it is just plain wrong. Kids need both parents playing their natural roles, to thrive and grow in confidence and character.

Keep it personal

17 08 2013

Its my eldest sons 14th birthday today and I am handwriting him a letter from dad to son instead of a bought card.

Don’t you think this personal touch means so much more.

No smoke and mirrors, just real feelings and thoughts from the heart


2 06 2013

Welcome to my world. 8.30am, watched Daniel, Maritzurg College first half hockey. 9:10 am, watched Ethan first half rugby at Laddsworth, 9:40am, watched Noah run mini comrades at Hilton Pre-Primary. No time to cop out now. Think very carefully what you are prepared to sacrifice so that your kids can feel loved, supported and nurtured. You can’t blame anyone else if it goes pear-shaped.WP_000361 WP_000360 NWP_130601_0003

Stand up men

8 02 2013

Stand up men

This absolute barbaric act is a symptom of a fatherless society, many of these young men have had no, or poor role models due to generations of alcohol, drug abuse, domestic violence and personal abuse.This is absolutely NO EXCUSE for these actions and one even wonders if the death penalty would have prevented this.

If you are a single mom with an absent husband/father for your children (whether widowed, divorced or whatever) PLEASE make sure that there is a stable male influence in your kids lives (grandfather, respectful boyfriend, respected guy from church, local youth group) or something to help your kids, mentor and guide them

It is tough being single and a mom (my mom did it from when I was 3).

If you need help in your area, contact me and I will try and see what I can do through my network


21 01 2013

Men,remember the vows you made to your wife. Go through them again and measure yourselves. You made some promises. Are you keeping them? Ask your wife every week. Am I husbanding and fathering well. And LISTEN to the response. Don’t respond, or defend, just take away what has been said and reflect, ACT


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